AroniSmartInvest™ is a simple, cost effective and yet powerful decision making tool at the disposal of the individual or any savvy investors for making an informed choice of stocks to invest in on a short term basis. At the same time, it provides other features to support the core function of stock segmentation and analysis, market profile analysis and stock portfolio management.

There is a pervasive belief that no one can predict the performance of the stock market and hence make profit out of the prediction. The financial meltdowns of 2000 and 2008-2009 have reinforced that belief. Still, investment decisions are made everyday and financial analysts, investors whether individuals, investment clubs, or corporations, and fund managers must make decisions to invest in given stocks and equities.

Unfortunately, despite available resources and solutions, most investors still realize the limitations in existing solutions to address their basic needs. It is estimated that savvy investors spend or waste most of their time trying to figure out how to narrow down the number of candidate stocks to buy or sell. Each tool has its value, but all have essentially serious basic limitations.

Usually individual investors or financial analysts are left on their own, either to choose a tool or to come up with their own tools. Relevant tools may be a blackbox with limited input from the analyst or complex to use. But more importantly, very few tools address the basic fundamental question most investors have: where to turn, start, and stop in selecting key stocks on which to focus.
Such tools may be too expensive for an individual investor or too simplistic, with criteria and information available to everyone else, so that the competitive advantage is lost. That is where AroniSmartInvest ™comes in.

Simply put, AroniSmartInvest™ will help stock investors to select a few potential winning stocks, on which to further focus. In simple steps easy to setup, the tool creates segments of stocks based on proven success factors for a stock and the latest performance metrics.
The tool also integrates other information freely available in the public, especially the internet to complement the individual research. But the strength of the tool lies in the ability to sift through thousands of stocks, and create homogenous groups of stocks, that we call Stock Segments. Each group has its own historical and current performance, but most importantly includes fewer stocks.
The investor is then able to focus on the small number of the stocks in a given segment. The tool further identifies a smaller number of the most promising stocks within a given segment.

Finally, the tool is able to perform a historical and a monthly market profile analysis on a selected stock.

What's New in the Latest Version of AroniSmartInvest™