AroniSoft - Strategic Analytics Mon, 21 Oct 2019 13:56:38 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb AroniSmartIntelligence™: BigData, Unstructured Data, Text Mining, and Bayesian Network Models Arb2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartIntelligence505_BayesianNetwork_small.pngoniSmartIntelligence™, arguably the most advanced Statistical and Data Mining built exclusively for Mac OS X, has become even better. AroniSmartIntelligence™ fans around the World have been waiting for new capabilities to be able to harness the opportunities offered by new technologies, using the power of AroniSmart™ tools.

The wait is almost over... and it was worth it. In the version of AroniSmartIntelligence™ that will be available  to our customers in the near future, new advanced capabilities have been included.  Let us talk about these capabilities:

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Big Data: How Are AroniSmart™ Tools Being Readied b2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartIntelligenceIcon.jpgBig Data has been here and exploding. Businesses, individual and the society have been slowly adjusting to the new trend in technology, data mining and analytics adapted to the needs of Big Data. AroniSoft, with its AroniSmart™  line of technology and analytical tools and methodologies, has been working to make sure our customers will be able to harness the benefits offered by Big Data.

The key question  on most of our customers is the following: How is AroniSoft making the AroniSmart tools ready for Big Data mining and analytics?

Before answering the question, let us recall what Big Data is and how it came about.

There are several authoritative sources on the definition, origins, current status, challenges, and future of  Big Data. Here, the definition will be limited to the general understanding.

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AroniSmartStat™ version 3.0.7 major release now available. AroniSmartStat™ version 3.0.7 major release now available.

What's New in AroniSmartStat Version 3.0.7?

AroniSmartStat™ Version 3.0.7 is a major revision of one the most advanced statistical tools in the AroniSmart ™ series that includes AroniStat™, AroniSmartStat™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™.

AroniSmartStat ™ now addresses the needs of the most advanced researchers, business analysts, econometricians, students, teachers, political analysts, statisticians, and data miners and decision makers.

1) Descriptive Analysis, with ability to use own data, in CSV or the most versatile Aroni format; Consult the manual to see how Aroni format accommodates categorical, ordinal, and interval data, in string, date, and other formats.

2) Regression Analysis, including Mixed Effects models and multilevel modeling of hierarchical and longitudinal data model, generalized linear models, and the following Econometrics models:

*Count data: Poisson & Negative Binomial

*Tobit Regression

*Probit Regression

*Interval Regression

*Logit Regression

*Logistic Regression

*Weighted Least Squares Models

*Ordinal Least Squares Models

3) Segmentation, Clustering, Discriminant Analysis and Classification with Finite Mixture and General Mixture models;

4) Graphing capabilities (histograms, scattergrams, pie charts;

5) Editable Analysis outputs.

6) Improvement in several areas including stability, convergence algorithm, and optimization of statistical models

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