July 21, 2011.

AronInvest™ picked TiVO Inc. as a stock to watch for upward momentum on June 27, 2001 ( .

The reasons for picking TiVO Inc were related to the expected upward trend given expanding opportunities with NetFlix and new products like TiVo Premiere Q to be retailed as Premier Elite, and compatibilities with systems like Monsoon’s Vulkano Flow.

Following our pick, TiVO stock had upward momentum and reached $10.92 from the June 27 base price of $9.86, a 10% increase.

In the past weeks, we observed a seesaw movement that followed the overall market poor performance. The uncertainty in the market did not spare most of the stocks. However, TiVO remains above the June 27 price.

Overall AronInvest™ prediction remains in the positive growth territories, especially if NetFlix shows stong earnings during its Monday July 25, 2011 presentation to investors.

AronInvest™ continues to keep the TiVo stock in the portfolio to watch for upward movements.

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