b2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartInvest512Main_SegmentAnalysis.pngIn early 2016, AroniSmartInvest In Action™ picked promising stocks for 2016. Based on the proprietary advanced analytics, but also on predicted and observed challenges and opportunities 2016, AroniSmartInvest™ In Action  picked a few affordable international stocks  and put them on the watch list.


Fig: AroniSmartInvest™: Stock Segmentation Module.

It is time to assess the performance:  how did these stocks perform and hold their momentum year-to-date (YTD),  since they were picked in early  January 2016 to Dec 6, 2016? The performance period experienced  turmoil and opportunities  in the stock markets. For the market dynamics surrounding the stock picks, refer to the article Performance of stocks picked by AroniSmartInvest in Action - Part 1):

As a start, let us see how the major indices have performed, YTD (positive growth is in GREEN , and the  decline is in RED):

Over-performing Dow Jones:

Positive growth but under-performing Dow Jones:

Negative growth and under-performing Dow Jones: