On Monday, August 22, 2011, stocks traders appeared upbeat at the beginning of the day but ended the trading day in as much uncertainty as they finished last week.  Dow Jones gained a mere 37.00 points or 0.34%, whereas S&P 500 was up 0.29 points or 0.03% and NASDAQ 3.54  or 0.15%. The uncertainty observed in the market over last weeks remains a concern for most investors.

AronInvest™ has identified the stocks to watch for the week. These include  Radiant Systems (NASDAQ: RDS)  and Hansen Natural Corporation (NASDAQ: HANS).

In early trading Hansen Natural corporation price shot up  by  $1.74 or 2%  before it was disclosed  an insider sell. It was found that  Mark J. Hall, the President of Hansen  DBeverage has sold 96,848 Shares.  The price decreased on the news but still ended up high, with an increase of $0.29 or 0.36% for the day.

Radiant Systems  has also seen an increase from $27.97 to $28.06, above its 50 and 200- day moving average.   ZAGG remains sluggish but AronInvest™ maintains its positive outlook, especially with the continued growth of PDAs.

Meanwhile, AronInvest™  continues to advise the following:  Keep the cool; maintain the position; hunt for the bargain with strong fundamentals and wait for the next relevant market event and news.

AroniSoft LLC  does not own any of  the stocks covered in this analysis.

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